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January 19, 2021: Dinaburg Technology Receives US Patent for Revolutionary New Loudspeaker Technology

For close to 100 years, the world of sound reproduction has been based on Rice and Kellogg’s work. Recently Dinaburg Technology, based in Dallas, TX, was issued their first U.S. patent for an enhanced electro-dynamic loudspeaker design. Mikhail Dinaburg, noted physicist and the patent inventor, uncovered some missing elements in the Rice-Kellogg’s work and set out to prove it.

Dinaburg’s patent discloses techniques for higher performance sound reproduction based upon Boyle’s Law. The design techniques enable lower distortion, extended frequency range, higher efficiency, and improved speech intelligibility. The invention has wide applications and scales from a 6 mm earphone driver, to near-field studio monitors, to concert subwoofers.
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