Indeed, complex multi-voice harmonies were clear and cohesive, without audible distortion. The COMSOL modeling and the measurements so far justify that. It makes sense that Dinaburg calls this design concept “C2S™, The Concentric Coplanar Stabilizer.” We now have an understanding of the nature of the solution and how it can be applied to a variety of applications: From automotive speakers, in-wall and ceiling speakers, and even headphone designs.
~ Roger Shively | Owner of Shively Acoustics International

I have been involved with Dinaburg Technology since early 2019 when they first approached me to make measurements on a 12” Dinaburg driver utilizing a 5” midrange as the active portion. I knew something was different in a good way in how this transducer reproduced sound. The midrange THD of the 5” active driver was 10-15 dB lower when it was incorporated in the Dinaburg alignment compared to a conventional sealed-box design. In the five years since, every implementation of a Dinaburg transducer I have heard offers vocal clarity that one can only hear when listening to expensive audiophile-type speakers.
~ Dan Foley | Do No Harm Music, LLC

The Dinaburg system does have a certain elegance to its multi-purpose capability of providing a means for bass reflex bass extension combined with inherent optimization of directivity control and unique packaging, that provides utility and value beyond what is suggested in the patent. It does deserve a second look.
~ James Croft | Croft Acoustical

Dinaburg Technology sounded interesting when they joined ALTI and told me about it. Then came the most comprehensive testing I have ever seen for a loudspeaker technology. The testing not only proved the science, but also showed even more application advantages than was originally proposed. The real surprise was the first time I heard them. Impressive does not do them justice. The technology is impressive, but the marketability is equally impressive. Worth a look. An extensive look.
~ Barry Vogel | CEO of ALTI Association

The Dinaburg concentric coplanar stabilizer (C2S™) is an elegant solution for a passive radiator formed as a ring around the driver. Besides being close to a point source it is also minimizes rocking.
~ Peter Larsen | Loudsoft

Dinaburg technology is the real deal. I have spent my entire career in the audio business, and it is rare to come across truly novel fundamental innovations in transducers. Dinaburg has developed and patented a technology based on real science/physics that has proven benefits with extensive tests and measurements to back it up. In addition, they have a great team, eager to help with any project.
~ Len Davì | CEO and Founder of DAVÌ Audio, Inc.

The technology developed by Dinaburg is truly remarkable and must be experienced firsthand to be fully appreciated. In my many decades of experience, I have never encountered anything quite like it!
~ Todd Metlen | Founder & Chief Designer of Sound Advice